Hello and welcome to Lyle’s Website!

I have created this website to publish three main areas of my life to the internet. These three areas are motorcycling, skating, and photography. I started riding motorcycles when I was 16 years old, and have ridden and owned many different makes and models of motorcycles. I enjoy taking long motorcycle trips that span into different countries and states. I also love to do day trips with my friends and the local motorcycle community. As for skating, I have been skating since I was about 10 years old. I have competed in Ice Dance, and Pairs at ISI Worlds in 2005, as well as USFSA National and International Competitions for Theater-On-Ice, and Free Skating in local competitions. My most recently acquired hobby is Photography! Since my parents bought me a Sony DSLR camera for my 19th birthday, I have been having lots of fun taking pictures! I hope to be able to turn my hobby into some sort of income source, because taking photos is both interesting and rewarding for me. Once I hone my web design skills a little more, I hope to create an online store in which to sell pictures of the local skating test sessions that I frequent; and hopefully of motorcycle events as well.

I am very excited about my new website, although it is still under development! I hope to have all of the main sections completed soon!